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I started designing and hand crafting crystal jewelry in 2021 as a COVID hobby. Over time, I noticed how the various crystals influenced my mood, energy, and spirit in subtle and loving ways - and that's how Roots Crystal was born!

I'm excited to offer my crafts to help you heal and grow physically and spiritually. So take a look around and see which piece calls out to you, and allow it to guide you back to your Roots!

With metta (loving-kindness),


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  • Genuine

    All jewelry are made with genuine crystals, natural leather cords, and precious metal wires & chains (including copper, sterling silver, and gold-filled wires).

  • Unique

    Each piece of crystal jewelry is lovingly designed based on the look, personality, character, and spirit of a particular piece of crystal -- no two pieces are alike!

  • Spiritual

    Every crystal has different energetic and spiritual properties that will assist you on your journey in different ways -- review the crystal property cards to learn more.

  • Labradorite assists in speaking the personal truth and claiming the personal power. The Eye of Horus design signifies protection, health, and restoration.

  • Rainbow moonstone provides psychic protection to shield people from negative emotions, giving a sense of peace, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

  • Clear Quartz helps align chakras, enhance healing and spiritual growth for the wearer; the snail design represents the mindset to take it slow...

  • Couple set with abstract yogi design - opalite represents new beginnings & transformation, aventurine health, healing, and peace of mind.

  • Howlite centerpiece calms and soothes, while the seven chakra stones surrounding help center and align. Unique, colorful fan-shaped design.

  • Yellow Jasper symbolizes courage and self-confidence. It promotes positive energy and inspires creativity and action.

  • Unakite is a loving stone that helps balance and ground emotions. The ankh design symbolizes the key of life, representing eternal life in Ancient Egypt.

  • Tiger's eye stone promotes self-confidence, inner strength, and will power. The large stone and swirl design makes a bold fashion statement.

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