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"Carbon" | Shungite Necklace | Balance, Detox, EMF Protection

"Carbon" | Shungite Necklace | Balance, Detox, EMF Protection


Materials: Copper, Leather, and Stone

Cord style: Leather cord

Necklace length: 18 in

Look and feel 🔥 with this stylish Carbon Shungite necklace. It'll balance your body, detox your energy, and protect you from EMF radiation. Crafted with authentic shungite and with a look that packs a real punch, it's the perfect accessory to go from powerless to empowered! 💪👑

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Box size: 3.5" tall (for jewelry only, e.g., necklaces, rings, earrings).

Metals: Copper (999 solid); Silver (925 Sterling); Rose Gold / Gold (14K filled)

Necklace length: Length is customizable upon request.

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