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"Flowing Metal" | Thai Amulet Leklai | Protection, Magic, Enlightenment, Meditation

"Flowing Metal" | Thai Amulet Leklai | Protection, Magic, Enlightenment, Meditation


Materials: Silver, Leather, and Stone

Cord style: Box chain

Necklace length: 18 in

Thai #Amulet #Leklai "Leklai literally means Flowing Metal or Steel Eel . It is a substance that some #Buddhist #monks, endowed with special #spiritual powers, are able to identify and extract in remote places. It is found in forests and deep caves, as a microscopic airborne substance or as a plant found only in Thailand. According to local legends, Leklai naturally forms itself on caves’ walls, trees or in the air around an #enlightened monk during his #meditation.

Leklai can appear as rare metal alloy or mercury substance. The most traditional and common forms of Leklai are metal alloy or mercuric substance. For this reason it is often called “ Metal of the sky ” or “ Metal from Paradise “. Leklai is a natural form of magical metal. It has a low melting point, around 800 degrees centigrade, which is approximately the temperature of a candle flame.

Leklai is extracted mainly in Thailand but it is also found in Indonesia where it is known as Badar Besi. It is assumed that Leklai has the ability to protect the wearer from any material or energy hazard. Both expressions that translate the term Leklai (“Flowing Metal and “Steel Eel”) remind of the movement that Leklai would be able to manifest when it is “invoked” by the celebrating monk during the complex and very ancient extraction ritual so that Thais believe that it is a real metal animal capable of “swimming through the rocks”. The celebrating monk must have the vision of the right place and moment to extract Leklai."

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Box size: 3.5" tall (for jewelry only, e.g., necklaces, rings, earrings).

Metals: Copper (999 solid); Silver (925 Sterling); Rose Gold / Gold (14K filled)

Necklace length: Length is customizable upon request.

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